Sunday 5th June 2011 - Married for 2933 days

About Us


MelanieSo who says I cant have a wedding near the sea near castles, sheep and stone walls with all of my close friends and family? Try to stop me!


EricA good looking guy who will regularly be found sporting bright lycra. (Mel wrote this).

How we met...

At the University of Victoria. Melanie was a hard-working undergraduate (Hah!), and Eric was an even less dedicated grad student. There is an ongoing debate as to who asked who and what the precise date was, but the important bit was that Eric definitely WASN'T just a rebound.

The proposal...

Mel's version: I thought that we might get engaged on this trip to Canada. But then, after nothing had happened while we were in Calgary, I started doubting myself. I was worried because it was then or in 2 years, as we needed to get the ring from Grandma while in Canada! So our 2nd last night we went to Duncan where Eric's parents live. He was determined that we hike up the mountain they live on (a 30 minutes or so walk). We do this often while we are there but I couldn't figure out why his parents weren't coming... until about half way up the mountain when it clicked...duh! He's going to ask at the top...THAT'S why we are alone! It was perfect, tons of Arbutus trees around, my fav, up a mountain, outside. He says, 'so you wanna get married then?', apparently expecting my response to be what it was, 'well that's not very romantic!'. So he got down on one knee and that was that. We were over the moon excited :)

Eric's version: It went down more or less like Melanie said... except that the entire time we were in Calgary I was conspiring with her parents and Grandmother to get her Great-Grandmother's hundred-plus year old engagement ring, ask formal permission from her parents, and keep Melanie blissfully unaware. Convincing Dad to keep Mom from walking up the mountain with us was pretty straight forward, and I don't think Mel knew as soon as she claims she did!!!