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Since we live in (or near) Cambridge, some of you may want to visit the area. I highly recommend it, even if it's only for a day. Cambridge is a small city full of amazing colleges and buildings. 

We actually live in a very small village just north of Cambridge called Landbeach. There are 4 B&B's in the village if you want to be nearby us. However, transport without a car from here is possible, but not the best (1 bus an hour). 


You can take the train from London Kings Cross to Cambridge in about 45 minutes for the fast one. Do check the screen to see how many stops there are, as the ones that stop all the time take twice as long. The train station is a 10-15 minute walk to town, or you can jump on one of the many buses that go to the city. Get off at Downing Street (where most people will), which will only be about 5 minutes away. Or there's a taxi rank of course. 

If you want to get closer to us, we are the next stop on the train line, in Waterbeach. This train from London Kings Cross shows the end destination as Kings Lynn. Waterbeach is a stop along the way. Taxi or car is the only way from this small station to us! 

Sites to see and things to do

Walk the streets and get lost. There are so many little alleyways that are great to explore. Don't worry, it's not too big and you'll find your way back eventually. There's a market square that is great to wonder around and decent shopping and foods in town. 

Visit the colleges. Kings College and Trinity College (Newton's home while a professor there) are the 2 biggest and most known. They charge to get in, as do some others. Kings College you can go to the afternoon choral service for free and then see the college! However, there are lots of small ones as well that are free of cost. You may find that end May/early June is when a lot of them are closed to visitors for exams. 

Punting Basically you get in a boat and have someone stand on the back pushing you around with a long stick. Kind of like being on a gondola. It's the best way to see 'the backs' along the river, which basically means the backs of all of the main colleges. It really is beautiful. Do try to avoid the very busy times though! ;

Jesus Green I highly recommend walking along the river by this green. Basically, it's a large open field of grass where people walk, run, have picnics, all next to the river Cam. There are some great narrow boats there to admire as well. 

Ely A nearby city about 20-25 minute drive from Cambridge (or 2 train stations). There is a fantastic Cathedral that all admire whether you stay outside or go in. My favorite thing to do on a summers day is get some Cream Tea (tea, scones, cream and jam) at the nearby tea house that overlooks the cathedral. If you want to feel truly Eglish, this is a good start :)

Where to stay If you decide that you want to stay in/near Cambridge there are quite a few options. Here's just a few that I know of. First, you need to decide how close to town you wan tto be and how much you like taking the bus! 

Travelodge Very basic hotel but it's clean and get's the job down. It's about a 5 minute walk to the train station and 15 minute walk to town. 

Premier Inn or Holiday Inn Both on the north side of Cambridge (nearer to us). It's quite a long walk into town(30 minutes or so?), so driving, taxi or taking the bus is probably your best bet from here. The Holiday Inn is officially in Histon , a very cute village that has some local shops and such. or,-j32

B&B's in Landbeach This is where we live! There's one just across the street and a few others. Here's some links below if you are interested.  or  or 

There are a few other hotels that are right in Cambridge city if you don't want to have to travel in. They will cost a bit more but then, you won't have to pay for transport in, or for parking.