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As many of you will likely want to visit London, we thought we would share some of the knowledge we have to help you in your planning. Please do let us know if we can be of any more assistance. 

Getting from the airports to London

London Gatwick Airport There are 2 trains that you can take from here into central London. The Gatwick Express is slightly more expensive but is quicker (35 min). There is also a normal train that takes 45 minutes and costs about £5 less. Buying tickets online beforehand is usually cheaper. The people at the information will usually help you find your way! Once at London Victoria station you can take the underground wherever you'd like to go in London. (Also called the tube). 

London Heathrow There is an underground station from Heathrow into London Victoria. 


Travelling around London


To get around London you basically can walk, bus, or take the underground. The underground is the most popular way to get around (the sometimes it's just as easy to walk!). to see the underground

If you are staying in London for more then 2 days then I recommend getting an Oyster card to pay for your underground or bus fairs. 

To travel form London to anywhere else by train    


Hotel search engines:



Open Top Tour: A great way to see what you would likely miss if you took the underground everywhere. Usually a hop on hop off format with  most major attractions. or 

Day trips from London to key Tourist attractions


London Attractions

There are soooo many amazing things to see n London that I can't possibly write about all of them here. However, here's a few things we have done that you may enjoy. If you want to purchase a travel guide, I recommend the DK London one. Lots of pictures and a map. 

London Eye (a giant ferris wheel with an amazing view)

Tower of London Very pretty site with some amazing free tours (though the admission ticket is steep!). Also where the Crown Jewels are kept. 

Platform 9 3/4 at Kings cross station. Stop by and take some pictures! If you are interested then ask Mel where to find it. 

British Museum Free! And a great building. Unless you have all day, pick a section that you really want to see. 

Natural History Museum Also a very big museum with some amazing things including Dinosaurs. However, most of them have come from Alberta!

Harrods Famous, giant, and expensive store full of all things designer. The building itself is amazing to walk around, even if you don't buy anything. The food court floor tends to be my favourite place and a great place to buy souvenirs 

Greenwich Prime Meridian, line 0 longitude. Also in a beautiful park. 

Oxford Street A long street full of shops....if you want mainstream UK shopping this is the street. 

Camden Town a great area with markets all over the streets with food, touristy buys, and some quirky stuff too. 

Buckingham Palace Seeing the Changing of the guards is very popular. And who knows, maybe the queen will be there!