Sunday 5th June 2011 - Married for 2933 days

The Week In Wales

Many of us will be spending the week in Llwyngwril, Wales. So what will we do there? Well, there's various options. I recommend you have a look at the website for the place we are staying to see what's around: ;

As we want people to be able to choose what kind of and how busy their break is, we thought the first step is to share with you what we plan to be doing that week. You can then choose to do it with us, do something on your own, or do nothing at all! 

You will notice that we have split up some evenings to have dinner with different groups. This isn't because we don't want to eat with you all, but more because we want to make sure we get some time with each of you. After dinner each night from 9 there will be coffee/drinks, snacks and socialising time in the main house where everyone who wants to can get together again. 

Friday: Many people are driving from Cambridge to Wales.  Marquee arrives that day so prep for the wedding begins. House open to guests from 3pm. 

Saturday: Prep for wedding! Volunteers welcome. 4pm the Gowlands and Findlaters compete in: Bridal Feud at the main house. 6pm onwards the ladies stay at the house for fascinator making and the men head to the pub. 

Sunday: The big day. It's wedding time!

Monday: Brunch all together with picnic games and fun. All welcome!! In the evening, Mel and Eric will be having some alone time over dinner. 

Tuesday: Go Ape- A high ropes course for those that feel courageous enough! (Please let us know if you want to come as we need to book it)  M& E Dinner with Aunts and Uncles

WednesdayM+E breakfast with parents. Hiking at the the Lakes. Evening= Murder Mystery party with nibbles. 

Thursday:  Harlech Castle. Likely go there by train. M+E dinner with siblings and friends. 

Friday: Leave Wales and head off on honeymoon!