Sunday 5th June 2011 - Married for 2933 days

Transport & Travel

We recognize that in order to get the peace and tranquility that is Llwyngwril, it means going quite far off the beaten track. The main way to get there is either by car or by train. See below for details on both of these options. If there is a large group of people trying to get from London or Manchester to Llwyngwril on Friday 3rd June, then we can look into hiring a coach to transport everyone. Please let us know if this is of interest to you.

Llwyngwril itself does have a train station and bus service, so you can get to many of the local sights by public transportation. However, if you want to have freedom and simplicity in your traveling, or if you want to travel a bit further from the house then we would recommend hiring a car. You could chat to other people you know are going and split the cost of hiring a van. Click on the Lift Sharing tab on the left to say you are interested in sharing a car/driving with others. You can legally drive in the UK with a Canadian license. Just make sure you discuss insurance with the car hire company to make sure you get the right one. If you are a fairly confident driver in Canada, then you will likely quickly adapt to the driving on the left hand side thing. Luckily, there are few roundabouts to maneuver in that part of Wales, but there will be if you drive further afield. We are more than happy to help you learn the rules of the road here! PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU WILL BE HIRING A CAR, as this may help us with planning transportation to and from the ceremony/house.

Travelling by Car

Enter your postcode into the boxes below to get driving directions to the various venues.

Please do register yourself on our lift sharing page
, so that you can share the journey with other guests.


Plane: Depending on the rest of your plans before/after the wedding, you may want to think about flying into Manchester. Manchester is just over 2 hour drive from Llwyngwril, while London is a 4.5 to 5 hr drive.

If you are flying through Canadian Affair, you can get a %10 discount if you book before end of Sept 2010 and enter the code .

We are currently looking into whether we can get a group discount for all of you flying folk. So keep your eye on this page for updates!

Bus: These are coaches, like our Greyhound service back in Canada. If you book online in advance for a specific time, you can often get ridiculously cheap journeys, but do bear in mind that it takes a lot longer than the train!

This is not a recommended option for getting to the wedding.

Tube: If you plan on visiting London, then you are bound to use the tube at one point or another. This is also known as the Underground. Essentially it's a train system that goes throughout London, underground! The cheapest way to travel is to purchase an Oyster Card from one of the desks. THey cost £5, which will be returned to you if you return the card on your last day. You can then top them up with money as you go by using the machines. Which ticket to buy and knowing which will be the cheapest is often confusing in London, so the Oyster card works in a way that will always find you the cheapest fair, never paying more than a day travelcard.

Train: is the main train website. often has cheaper tickets is booked in advance.

If you want to take the train from London to Llwyngwril, you can! It's an easy journey from London Euston station (which you can get to on the tube). You would take the train from London Euston to Birmingham, change trains, and the next train will take you right to Llwyngwril. As the second train going through Wales stops at a lot of tiny train stations, it does take a while. The whole journey, depending on how long you stop in Birmingham is approximately 5 hours. Look for trains leaving London after 10am as these will be much cheaper than rush hour times. Also, note that LLwyngwril is a request only stop! When/as you get on the train, make sure to ask someone how to let the driver know that you need to stop there.

Trains across the UK are a fantastic way to get around. If you plan to do any long journeys by train, you may want to look into buying a Britrail Pass. You use the trains for the number of days that you purchased, for the flat price paid in advance. Note, you MUST buy this from Canada and cannot buy it from the UK. See this link for more details. I would recommend planning your journeys and then comparing the rates given on the national rail site with the price of the various Britrail pass.