Sunday 5th June 2011 - Married for 2933 days

Wedding Party Profiles

This day couldn't happen without the support of some key family and friends. Read more about them below.

Maid of Honour and Bridesmaid
In charge of sorting Mel out on the day and before.

Lou Shackleton
Lou ShackletonLou has been a solid support for the last few years in Cambridge. Good as colleagues and great as friends, it's a privilege to have Lou's crafty hands on board for the wedding!
Christine Hanna
Christine HannaMy best gal who has stuck by me through everything. I have known Christine since my first year in university when we met the day I moved into residence. Since then she has been my backbone and the one who always makes me know how to laugh. I am very excited to have her as my maid of honour.

The Findlater's
Meaning very much to both Mel and Eric, this is a description of all of Mel's immediate family members.

Brandi and Quentin
Brandi and QuentinOlder sister and her husband
BradYounger brother
KelsiYounger sister

The Gowland's
Always loving an excuse to visit the UK, we are very excited to have them attend. This is a description of Eric's immediate family.

LindsayLil' sis, otherwise known as Goobs
LeahMiddle sis
Elias Whitfield
Elias WhitfieldOtherwise known as Mini. Nephew, son of Leah and Dennis, and our ring bearer!

Best Man
In charge of keeping Eric sorted on the day!

Robert Tucker
Robert TuckerBob was Eric's best friend through elementary and high school - he was probably home for dinner almost as much as Eric or his sisters.
Morgan Hay
Morgan HayEric's quintessential college room mate.

Other Important People

Geoff Partner of Lindsay Gowland, Geoff will also be our videographer. Catching our event on video so that we can all remember it (and those who can't make it can still see it!). Nope Elias isn't his kid, but they sure do look good together don't they?!
DennisPartner of Leah Gowland, he will be using his incredible talent to take pictures on the day.